Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Party Fun!

That big game is almost here and I will not be shy when I say I love it for the commercials! (Come on, you know you do too!)

If you're hosting a fun get-together to cheer on your favorite team, I've got a mini collection for each team in the Shop. Add these festive little printables to your party and have a great time! 

The mini collections include 2" party rounds or squares, wraps for beverages or napkins and four different blank tents for your buffet items. Together, these are just perfect for adding simple touches to your party without having to create anything elaborate or taking a ton of time to create. (So you have more time to make all of those fun munchies!) 

I've also been having some fun over at Pinterest and collecting ideas for completing your party! Check out my Football themed board for more inspiration. (If you need an invite to Pinterest, just ask!)

Hopefully we will have dug out of this snow by kickoff!!

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