Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Party Fun!

That big game is almost here and I will not be shy when I say I love it for the commercials! (Come on, you know you do too!)

If you're hosting a fun get-together to cheer on your favorite team, I've got a mini collection for each team in the Shop. Add these festive little printables to your party and have a great time! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February!

So I'm working on some "close-to-home" items today. We are starting something new with the kiddies here as things have gotten a little crazy as of late and I'm trying to reel it back in as best as I can! 

I haven't decided whether to add this to the shop as of yet. I'll probably decide within a few days. Feedback is always appreciated! 

I REALLY cannot believe it's already February! I know I must say this every month, but I truly think time goes by incredibly fast anymore. Anyone else with this same issue?? 

There are LOTS of fun things to share with you this month! I've got some fun printables with new themes and as usual, some fun freebies to enjoy as well! Naturally, we can't forget about that Valentine's Day holiday or that big football game on Sunday. 

Check out the shop for some fun ideas and easy printables to set the tone for any get together you may be having!

Monday, January 30, 2012

February Planners [Free Printables]

WOW! Where in the world did January go?? I have been crazy busy planning my year, creating some fun new things and getting organized to share lots of great new things with you! 

It's that time to plan for the month of February, so make sure you download your new planners, get organized and you'll be amazed at how much extra time you have. (No more "What's for dinner?" questions at 4:30 as you stand in front of the pantry.) I'll be writing more about using the planners to your advantage this week. 

Also, for those of you who have been using these for a while, you will notice that I've changed the design of the "Weekly Planner." The old one just wasn't working for me anymore. I would love your thoughts on either one, if you wouldn't mind. And, if you were finding the old one worked better for you, let me know, as I will also re-post that for you!

Have a great Monday! More fun to come tomorrow!

Click HERE to find the new planners! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Free Printable Groundhog Day Fun!

Wow... it's been some time since I've posted. I've been way too distracted with lots of fun things going on behind the scenes, I guess. I'm still finishing up some final touches on two fun Valentine's Day Parties, Oscar fun (or movie night), football parties and to top it off, a couple of freebies to share!

Here's just a fun little FREE PDF printable to use for treats, wrappers, pencil toppers, handouts, whatever you wish! I needed to take a breather and found this cute little guy and had to share. I know Groundhog Day is still a couple of weeks away, but that just means it's that much closer to spring! Enjoy!

Find the Groundhog Day printable HERE.
Don't forget about the January planners or the 2012 calendar that you can download free as well!

I'm going to share this fun on, and

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season with family, friends and loved ones! I can't believe our break from school is nearly ended (it makes me a little sad, to be honest), as we've had a whirlwind of fun these last two weeks. The new gifts are being loved dearly, lots of memories made and we are working on finishing our thank you notes this week!

Before I start 'un'-decorating from my favorite holiday, I thought I would share with you the 2012 January planners. YES. They look very familiar if you've been using them since last year. However, they are still very helpful! And, YES, I use them as well... (I was asked this recently!)

I made a decision to keep the planners simple this year. I repeated the theme that I've used each month, only tweaking a few things here and there. This way, I can create NEW freebies to share with you that have been on my list for a while. I will continue to showcase the four planner pages each month on the "Share" page of The CreativiDee Workshop's website so you can download and print those as needed.

The ONE thing I did change was to create an entire 2012 calendar that you can print NOW and plan for those fun things in the coming months! Find it on the same page as the other planners on the website.

I'm excited to experience the wonderful things 2012 will bring this year.
Wishing you peace, prosperity, happiness and lots of laughter!

Get your January Planners & 2012 Calendar HERE.

Link to planners on Scribd.